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The face can speak of a thousand emotions but it can easily mask what the heart truly feels.
Don't be fooled... for the happiest face may be masking the most hurting heart
know thy time, know thy future..

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the biatch is here.. be green or die.

by randomjunk
Yeah, it*s horrible. :(

by undecided
cant. comment. on. anything.
Holy unfinished shout, Batman!
by Unicornasaurus

by randomjunk
Holy what?
by Ravennah

by randomjunk
Hasn*t been too much of a break for me since I*ve still had a fair amount of schoolwork to do. :|
How*s everyone doing?
by middaymoon
Anyone do anything for Spring Break?

by randomjunk
Probably something fascinating as usual.
Hmmm.... I wonder what they were
by Zanzibar

by randomjunk
Yeah, I was pretty sure there were some within that timeframe...

by LostSoul13
... I don*t seen any of the posts between Oct 27 and Jan 18...

by Zanzibar
RJ: Oh really? I don*t think I see any missing right now...
by Ravennah
*nuff said!!

by randomjunk
Zanzibar, some of your posts seem to be missing...
Doing well, doing well. I*m on a bu
by Zanzibar
trip, so I stayed out drinking with a bunch of guys in their 50s and 60s, and then I worked on work until 2 am, got 4 hours of sleep, and here I amnow
I.HATE.YOU.i'd rather eat grass(at least it's gr
Thursday. 5.5.05 7:47 am
have you ever thought why people act so strange and yet act as if they're normal and more normal than you? have you ever met people who thinks they better than you in any thing they do, did and will do? have you met people who thinks that life is so good at them and pities you for not being them? damn those peepz..

i've actually met a lot of them, however there's this one person who stands out.

well, this girl with same age as i am, really suck!! everytime she talks the more she gets under my skin. phew?! the more she talks the more i see her lungs, heart(if ever she have one), intestine and her inflamed stomach. eek!! oh, that big mouth.. uhmp?! why don't she try using some glue or tape and try zipping that stupid mouth.

i may sound jealous or whatever.. but nah!! no i'm not.. just saying what i've been hiding ever since... well at least, not that long ago. she just talks too much. and everytime she talks, she talks about nothing but herself, her adventures and blessings?! talks about how good she was, how good life was on her. how blessed she is and how life is so easy on her!! duh?! as if?! well, girl? you know nothing about life, and about everything you're talking about. stop bragging!! stop and just shut up!! by the way, i really don't want to tell this to the public but you're saliva's all around me everytime you talk.. i just have to tell that!!! eeeeeeeeeh!!!

any clue ?
no, i don't wanna give any clue.. in fact the girl i'm talking about could be you or else you're a boy or a guy. just think.. sometimes i am like her.. i'd like to admit that.. actually she's all around, in every corner, in every street and she is contageous. just one spot of that saliva and you're a victim. don't be a victim. ;;;~.~!!!
haha.. honestly, i pity you. POOR YOU.

time and date: i hell don't know!!

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PLOK: a word you need to know.
Thursday. 5.5.05 7:06 am
i certainly do not know why this blog came to existence.i really love starting with that statement and give you that creepy feeling. in fact, i already have at least 4 blogs from at least 4 different blog stations like xanga, blogspot and nutang (my favorite).this could be my last as i am heading to the college life, i may have no more time for things like this. still now, i do not know if i had succeded with the latter. i always had problems when it comes to self-expression, not to mention the giramatikal erorrs, and the mistakens i does everytime. nah.. haha.. before everything else, i would like to warn you. if you are rading this non-sensical blog and the other blogs i made so far and whatever you call it, stop right now and be free at your own will..or.. continue readingthis and be haunted for the rest of your whole damn life.but still, i cannot assure you of satisfaction or reading what you've been expecting of. i will not tell you how bright my day was. nor shall i tell you how splendid feeling i have and how i am expecting a new dawn. i will never tell you about the great things in life like boys,toys, the birds and the bees, i will not tell stories about the trees and flowers, neither the sound of it nor the smell it produces makes my day gloomer than it is now.i cannot assure you of reading in this blog the greatest lessons in lifeor the do's and dont's to paradise. i would like to warn you and warn you now, before everything else fail:

There are so many PLOK's in life. the very first thing that came to me upon typing this horrible four-lettered word is the pain and discomfort of falling and the completeness you feel after the fall. i have found my life once as a PLOK. i remember that gloomy afternoon in pampanga, before people (also called relatives:cousins and aunts) came to the house, it was horrible. it was.. unexplainable.i would never be me without these circumstances. someday, you'll just be surprised that you are in the point of your bloody life that you are feeling that PLOK feeling.there is no such word in Mister Abraham's book (webster diKsyonary?) that is spelled nor pronounced as --PLOK--. it may sound non-sensical or absurd but i wanted to make the sound of this word (PLOK) different next time you hear it again.(that is if you have come this far into reading this unsoulful script)

"PLOK"---> the sound of falling and discomfort but the completeness it brings is inexplicable.

"PLOK!"---> said with anger could be or can be considered as cursing. a blasphemous word that can stand for "chuva","charus", "charing" or whatever.

"PLOK"---> when you are very optimistic can stand for a joke or a stand-up line or instead stand for a word a wet blanket would say in front of a million expectators.

OOoops, i would have to cut this short for now. the time is almost eleven o'clock and our neighbor next door just died the other night. i don't want to freak you out and i hope you don't mind me telling you this but i just saw a white lady (lady wearing a white dress) as i was reaching for my towel on the stair rail. and now, think she's somewhere near you now. and she's out there just for you. i told you and i have warned you before hand, you might regret reading this bloody script. she's out there.. just out there.. NEAR YOU. PLOK!!!!
damn!! my nephew's getting me really pissed off. it's definitely not right to shut the lights off when you're in the height or your "obra maestra". Damn! i'll surely need more time for sleep and rest. farewell for now, and i'll surely write again, AU REVOIR!!!

april 23, 2005



wait, i forgot to write., i'm very much pissed off by people who thinks they can talk me into things. telling me how to do things the way they want it to be. people who commands you further ajue? PLOK! damn! they get under my skin. F*** 'em!!


ajue?? whatever it is or however it is spelled.. I Do not and will never care.

once again: April 23, 2005... bedroom.

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